The Best Sugar Daddy Dating Sites Reviews of 2019

Last update: is a special website dedicated to reviewing the top 8 sugar daddy sites you can find online these days. Every review comes with pricing details, features, and editor’s verdict. Our website has been made especially with the purpose of helping singles who are interested to find a sugar baby or sugar daddy over the web.

In our list of the best sugar daddy websites, we have given the first spot to Sugar Daddy Meet with the runners up being Seeking Arrangement and Sugar Daddie, both of which are also highly recommended.

#1 Sugar Daddy Meet 5 stars

Sugar Daddy MeetSugar Daddy Meet gets the first spot in the list of sugar daddy sites. They make life sweeter through making it easier and more convenient for successful and affluent men to meet and find attractive, young students, aspiring actresses, or models who struggle in the start of their career. This happens to be the top pick out of all the sugar daddy websites that provide mutually beneficial relationships for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. The Sugar Daddy Meet platform has already been online for around 13 years.

Through its run, it has helped countless of sugar babies and sugar daddies find beneficial and satisfying relationships. Free members can use the site’s basic features to contact other members with the use of winks or sending emails.

#2 Seeking Arrangement 5 stars

SeekingThe main mission of Seeking Arrangement is to deliver a brand new way for sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships to develop and grow. Sugar daddies or sugar mommies and sugar babies will both get all the things they want exactly when they want and need it. Seeking Arrangement provide relationships on the terms of the users. The sugar babies will get to enjoy the life filled with luxury through being pampered in the form of fine dinners, allowances, and exotic trips. In return, the sugar daddies or mommies will get to find stunning members who can accompany and spend time with them whenever they need a companion or partner. Seeking Arrangement wants relationships to be as balanced as possible. They give all their members a great place where it can happen.

#3 Sugar Daddie 4 stars

Sugar DaddieDo you dream of meeting someone who will change your whole life completely and totally for the better? If you happen to be a successful and financially secure man, or you are a young and beautiful single woman, Sugar Daddie opens doors for meeting a sugar baby or a sugar daddy. This happens to bag the 3rd spot in the list for a good reason. It was way back in year 2002 when Sugar Daddie was first launched. This is also among the first few websites which offer the great concept of millionaire matchmaking wherein looks and money are considered as the most important aspects of every match. The website is available for all members in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

#4 Date Sugar Babies 4 stars

Date Sugar BabiesIf you have the money and you wish to share this with your special someone, or you are sick of just dating singles who don’t even appreciate the things you do for them, Date Sugar Babies is the right site for you. Date Sugar Babies is among the leading sugar baby and sugar daddy matchmaking spot. In just a matter of clicks, it is easy to sign up and begin your search for attractive women and men living in your area who are always in the mood to meet or even go out with you. It is not a secret that dating can be challenging but with Date Sugar Babies site, you can now finally say goodbye to those horrifying blind dates. The best thing here is that you can get the chance to know a person better online first.

#5 Sugar Daddy 4 stars

Sugar is the dating website that will suit you best if you want to be in the kind of marriage wherein the man leads a successful career while taking care of his woman. It is also the dating site that will suit you if you like a relationship that is based on reciprocity and honesty and filled with genuine care. These are the secrets why most sugar daddy relationships grow stronger and deeper. is also a great place for those who are hoping to establish the type of relationship which is also mutually supportive. It is expected for relationships to be mutually supportive but as you probably know, only a few get to enjoy such. is also the ideal dating platform for you if you would like to have all the best aspects of a loving and understanding relationship that doesn’t have any bad part at all.

#6 Sugar Daddy For Me 3 stars

Sugar Daddy for MeNumerous sugar babies these days are finding sugar daddies or older men since they happen to be wealthier as well as more seasoned at the same time. Sugar Daddy For Me is currently among the top sugar daddy services out there right now. The site currently has over 4 million members with over 2,000 sugar baby and sugar daddy profiles being added every single day. It was back in 2005 when the site was launched, and since then, it has been bringing together wealthy as well as generous sugar daddies along with some attractive and young sugar babies. Among the unique and exceptional aspects of Sugar Daddy For Me is the fact that not like most of the sites out there, this provides a free trial good for 3 days to let you test the waters first before you jump in.

#7 Rich Meet Beautiful 3 stars

Rich Meet BeautifulRich Meet Beautiful is another online social sugar dating platform meant for adult women and men who are 18 years old and above who are looking for a satisfactory relationship that mutually benefits both parties. Any successful relationship can be measured in how each partner successfully fulfills one another’s relationship desires and emotional needs. After all you only get to live one life and Rich Meet Beautiful focuses on forming your life’s vision, setting life goals, and defining your conditions in a relationship. You can easily find your perfect match at the site and share your experiences, adventures, passion, and fun with that one person who will enrich your life and give it more meaning than ever before.

#8 Secret Benefits 3 stars

Secret BenefitsDespite being relatively new in the field, Secret Benefits has spent two years in matching sugar babies and sugar daddies. This is why it is not a surprise that it has now grown to become among the biggest sugar dating websites that you can find online. As their logo reads, sugar dating is just similar to regular dating, and the only difference is that it is better. This is really awesome because this is exactly what people believe that any sugar relationship must be. More than anything else, a sugar relationship is a relationship per se but this time around, it is made sweeter with the sugar right on top. The site’s name also indicates that what you will get here are nothing but benefits that will surely change your dating game.